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What do electricity retailers do?

In short, electricity retailers, such as Click Energy, buy electricity from energy generators and then sell it to their customers through an electricity distributor.

As an energy retailer, we are the face of electricity and it is us who make sure that you get your electricity. We are the first point of contact when you want to discuss your electricity with someone.

Where do electricity retailers fit in?

Click Energy, and other energy retailers, act as the main point of contact for customers, between the electricity generators and the energy distributors. Click does not generate the electricity or distribute it to the customers, but acts as the official face of electricity that packages up the electricity into various attractive energy plans for customers.

What we do - Where do electricity retailers fit in

Do electricity retailers read the meters?

There’s some confusion about who actually reads the meters. Electricity retailers do not read the meters - this is done by an electricity distributor, such as Energex. The electricity distributor then lets us know what the meter says, and based on the usage information we bill our customer accordingly.

What makes Click Energy different from the other electricity retailers?

We’re an online electricity retailer, which means that compared to other electricity retailers, we’re able to offer our customers cheap electricity because we operate 100% online.

Thanks to our extensive email and phone support, we’re also easy to deal with!